Team Management – Part 2

Previous Team Management video explained the Agile concepts, as well as setting goals the OKR way (Objective-Key Results and issue with siloses) and meetings (especially daily-stand-up and 1-on-1s).

In this part I am going to explain the best way to plan, schedule and manage team. These are really crucial tasks for successful team management – so if you are interested in improving your skillset, give this episode a go.



Software mentioned in this video:

  1. Google Sheets
  2. Annual Planner
  3. Annual Planner for Google Sheets
  4. Google Calendar
  5. AthleteSR
  6. Trello
  7. Scrumban Boards
  8. Asana

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Team Management – Part 3

In third and final video on Team Management, I am discussing task management, workout design, documents & notes management, communication, monitoring, dashboards and analytics. There is a lot of software provided in this video series, so as a summary I provide software recommendations for teams/individuals with different budgets.


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