Managing Teams With Trello

I came to an idea to use Kanban boards to help managing performance teams somewhere in 2013, while I was still with Hammarby IF, in Stockholm, (Sweden). It took me almost three years to finally “streamline” the whole idea, which I outlined in Managing (High) Performance Teams Using Scrumban Boards and most recently in Managing the High Performance Teams (Part 1 and Part 2). Although in Managing the High Performance Teams I suggested using AthleteSR and Asana for managing the team, Trello is still wonderful app for this task. We are also planning to implement some of the Trello functionality in AthleteSR in the near future. So watch that space.

I am pretty certain that the first one to suggest using Trello (somewhere in 2013) was Jose Fernandez from Houston Astros. Jose is pretty much technology clairvoyant. Another person that directed me to use Paul Dijkstra et al. five-color health and performance risk grading system 1 (see the below picture) was Brian Green from USA Rugby Sevens. We keep stealing from each other – so thank you lads.


Figure 1. Taken from Managing the Health of the Elite Athlete: A New Integrated Performance Health Management and Coaching Model

In the video below, I am explaining how you can put all of your coaching staff on the same page by creating a very transparent Kanban board using Trello (which is free). Checklists, documents, notes and everything else can be shared on this board. This is a fantastic feature for the teams on the budget, that cannot afford Athlete Management Systems. As mentioned above, we are planning to implement a lot of this functionality into AthleteSR.

In this version of the athlete status Kanban board, I am utilizing “functional groups” (read more HERE) and the above five-color health statuses.

This video is around 14 minutes long and it is for Complementary Training members only. To learn how to manage your staff and athletes for FREE with Trello, please sign up to become Complementary Training member.

Apart from the video members of Complementary Training also have access to this Trello board.

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