We are happy to announce that the StrengthPRO app is finally available for our members.

StrengthPRO is built using the R Shiny and the {STMr} package. It is a simple yet powerful tool to create a custom set and rep schemes.

StrengthPRO allows you to estimate individual Reps-Max relationship using:

  1. Commonly used relative sets to failure method (i.e., reps at 90%, 80%, and 70% of known 1RM),
  2. Novel method of using absolute loads with the 1RM being estimated as well,
  3. The training log analysis using sets done with subjective reps-in-reserve (eRIR) ratings.

Reps-max relationship can be mapped out using three methods: (1) Epley’s, (2) Modified Epley’s, and (3) Linear or Brzycki.

StrengthPRO also implements four “adjustment” methods:

  1. Deducted Intensity (DI),
  2. Reps in Reserve (RIR),
  3. Relative Intensity (RI),
  4. Percentage of maximum repetitions (%MR)

These are integrated into multiple progressions tables.

Once you select the progression table, the individual set and rep scheme can easily be estimated.

On top of these, StrengthPRO allows you to create an Excel report with all these exported (see the example).

Please make sure to check the in-depth video below, as well as to check the Strength Training Manual  and Create Custom Set and Rep Schemes With {STMr} course.

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