Managing (High) Performance Teams using Scrumban boards

What can we learn from IT (Agile) and production (Lean) industry in regards of managing of our workflows, identifying bottlenecks in our processes and improving clarity and transparency, along with managing risk? Well, plenty. Sports organizations are growing in their sizes and complexity and managers need to be able to manage all those processes and informations in an clear and transparent way.

We tend to reinvent the wheel in sport performance fields, but a lot of other fields already had the same issues and implemented some of the solutions and transformations. That’s why it is important to learn from other, sometimes not related fields.

In this short video I am explaining how to use Kanban and Scrum approaches (now blended into Scrumban term) in managing our processes. This is a brand new field for me and something that I need to spend more time researching and implementing. Anyway, I am pretty sure it will give you plenty of ideas.

In the case you want to follow the video, make sure to install really great Eylean software, but this could work on a simple whiteboard or other electronic tools such as Trello, Asana (probably less visual though) and LeanKit (check couple of examples HERE).

If you are interested in finding out more there are numerous books on the topic, but you can start with Danilo Tambone’s Udemy course on Scrumban for personal productivity and guides at Eylean website (click HERE). Also, make sure to follow posts on Agile Periodization.

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