Team Management – Part 1

As a performance manager, sports scientist, or strength and conditioning coach, you have probably stumbled on the issues of managing projects and people. Things are quite simple and easy when the performance team involves only a dozen of people, but once that team grows (as is a big sports club or any other high-performance organization) issues scale exponentially.

Following two parts series on Managing High Performance Teams (Part 1Part 2) from last year (October, 2017), in these video series I will expand and continue the discussion on the best practices one can utilize to solve (or help solving) management issues. The special topic will be what software tools to utilize to help one achieve transparency and agility.

Thus, if you are interested in improving your management skills and productivity , make sure to check the video series on team management. First part of this video series goes into the agile concepts, setting goals using the OKR and importance of clearly defined meeting types (daily-stand-up and 1-on-1s are more deeply explained).


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