Strength Training Prototyping Tool

So many times over the past decade I had an idea of a workout or strength program and every time I had to sit down in Excel and make a template from the scratch. Yes, we have the Strength Card Builder tool, which is great for creating ready-to-use print-out cards, but it is cumbersome for quickly creating prototypes or wire-frames of potential strength programs. So I decided to end this repeating agony and create something very simple, yet very flexible and powerful for exploring, playing, and revisioning (i.e., prototyping) your strength training program ideas. Please welcome the Strength Training Prototyping Tool.

Strength Training Prototyping Tool is a very simple Excel template that allows you to create, add, modify, and delete movement patterns/categories and their exercises/lifts, as well as prescription categories (e.g., schemes) and their items. It comes with the re-usable elements (or building blocks) that you can simply copy-paste to build your own template or strength training program.

In the video below, I will walk you through the Strength Training Prototyping Tool and show you, through a few examples, how flexible and powerful this tool is.

Members of Complementary Training can find and download the Strength Training Prototyping Tool below. This tool is also FREE for the members that are on a 7-day trial. So if you are currently not a member, we would like to invite you to join us.

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