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So, there I was one day, during the #COVID19 lockdown, tinkering what can I do with two 20kg kettlebells, ab wheel, and few resistance and mini bands. My social media was flooded with home workouts (which might be even worse than being locked down in the first place) and I wanted, as always, to make some sense from all the options people are providing. Thus I decided to make a tool.

Home Workout Builder is a dumbed-down-small-relative of the much more powerful Strength Card Builder which is more than just enough to make simple home workouts and print or distribute them for others and yourself.

Home Workout Builder is a quite simple tool (Microsoft Excel template) that revolves around enlisting all the equipment available (i.e. bottom-up perspective to planning), followed by enlisting exercises for (1) Warm-up and Mobility, (2) Strength and Power, (3) Conditioning, and (4) Core and Flexibility. The workouts cards (which are customisable, like everything else in Home Workout Builder) provides 5 slots for each aforementioned categories. Instructional video below will explain it much better:

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Home Workout Builder will stay FREE during the #COVID19 outbreak to help out our fellow coaches, athletes, and anyone else working-out at home to create workouts and easily track them. Please be free to post your workouts designed by using Home Workout Builder on social media. Just make sure to use #homeworkoutbuilder hashtag and post a link to this page so the others can download it too.

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