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Within minutes create beautifully designed printable workout cards, using user-defined set and rep schemes, exercises, and 1RMs database. It comes with more than 200 exercises and over 1900 set and rep schemes already filled in (out of 2000 possible). All you need is to enter your own athletes, and you will be ready to create a group and single athlete workouts.

The workbook includes 4 single athlete workout cards: 2, 3, 4 and 6 days a week, and 2 group workout cards: 6×10 (6 athletes and 10 exercises) and 12×8 (12 athletes and 8 exercises). EXPANSION PACK included in this version, created by Aleksa Bošković, includes exercise images and videos.

Here are the PDF previews of the Strength Card Builder outputs:

If you really want to implement a percent based approach, then this is the product that will make it happen.

Strength Card Builder features:

  • Conditional drop-down lists for both Exercise and Set and Rep Schemes
  • Easy to print card for multiple athletes with a couple of clicks
  • Ability to save programs and recall them
  • Very flexible and powerful analytics embedded in the Strength Card Builder so you can quickly check for progressions, volume, intensities per exercise, or category, or anything else you might be interested in
  • Have group session printout as well
  • Very flexible and allows you to modify, delete and add your own categories, exercises, set and rep schemes – pretty much everything
  • Now, with the EXPANSION PACK, add exercise images to your workout cards and links to video exercises

Strength Card Builder works on both Mac and Windows Excel 2010 and newer versions.

NOTE: The print function doesn’t work on Mac, but it will be fixed as soon as Microsoft improves VBA for Mac Excel. This update will be FREE for the Premium Members and all who purchased the product

Current version: 5.1 (December, 2020)

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