Undulating Programming

In this video I explain the difference between “traditional” and “undulating” programming.

I will also cover the following topics:

  1. The difference between “undulating periodization” and “undulating programming”
  2. The difference between variations and progressions (and similarities)
  3. Different combinations of workouts/exercises and set and rep schemes
  4. Uses of “randomizations” (covering the notion that “random workout” is NOT just a “out of your ass” approach to programming, but could be viable option)
  5. Dan John’s Bus vs. Park bench notions
  6. Dan John’s “Punching the Clock” workouts and their uses
  7. Increasing tools in you toolbox and applying them when needed
  8. Difference in programming for strength vs non-strength athetes
  9. Minimizing risk of bad load programming with randomizing workout within your group
  10. Different ways DUP principles could be applied within specific needs
  11. Avoiding peaking too soon and emotional burnout with too quick progressions (i.e. delaying progressions)
  12. And much more…

All of this goes well with the previous talk with Mike Zourdos and my Agile Periodization ideas.

The Excel workbook is also provided together with the video.


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