Set and Rep Schemes – Part 2: Vertical Planning and Load-Exertion Tables

In the previous video I have explained the concept of horizontal planning. In this video I will explain in more detail the concept of vertical planning.

Besides providing 10 archetypal vertical planning progression (e.g. constant, linear, block, undulating and others) I am also discussing the differences and similarities between progressive overload, and variations and progressions. The key take-away message is that the concept of progressive overload is usually bastardized with week-to-week progression, but in reality it represent much more complex concept.

Very important concept discussed in this instalment are the two Load-Exertion tables: grinding and ballistic. The reasons for doing so, as well as their differences and utilizations, are discussed in the video.

It bears mentioning that all schemes discussed in this video series are already implemented in Strength Card Builder v5.0 and are ready to use. Make sure to check it out in the instructional videos available at the product page.

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