Here is what I have on mind and I am looking for a feedback and opinions from the readers.

Since starting Complementary Training blog in September 2010 it has slowly attracted not much traffic, but very high quality readership, from high level coaches, researchers to sport scientists. I am more than pleased with Complementary Training reception within the industry, community, field or whatever we call this pursuit of high-level sport preparation and performance. I wanted to thank everyone who contributed to it.

I think it is time for me to upgrade the whole Complementary Training experience into something more than a simple blog. My vision is to make a community where aforementioned readers can read, share and contribute latest knowledge and experience from physical preparation, sport science, high-performance training and leadership.

I know this will be hard to accomplish, but I am willing to give it a shot. I also know that most forums are dead or very slow and that quality information is now dispersed through social media, from Twitter to Facebook and private blogs and webpages. I want Complementary Training to become a place where quality information and links could be shared, aggregated and accessed easily. And by quality information I don’t refer to 453+ ways to do lunges or hit you upper pecs – but how to deal with realities of high-performance coaching, from cultural issues, planning and programming, communication, technology, monitoring, decision making to data analysis, visualization and field experiences.

The project I had on mind is to upgrade the blog to a more functional website with forum and membership area. The website will have a membership feature and ALL products, videos, sheets, programs will be freely available. That would allow me easier and more frequent updates in products, along with new products, e-books, programs and R scripts. Some content will be completely free and some will be for members only, including the forum.

The whole Complementary Training website will be ‘transferred’ and all the links will be live, but will direct the users to the new website. At this moment the work is in progress and it should be fully functional in one month (till the end of February).

I would appreciate any ideas, wishes and comments to make this project better and more usable to you.

Thank you one more time for reading, sharing and making Complementary Training more successful than I ever thought it will be.

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