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I think you already know where this ‘prize’ is going to. Yes, you are right – The website provides plenty of no B.S. advices that are practical (both nutrition and training wise) and FREE. Yes you read it correctly – FREE!. Honestly, I direct everyone who asks me about training/nutrition advice to Lyle’s website and books. I really trust and love the info – practical info.

The thing that surprises me is that with all that quality info available for free online, people are still retarded and doing stupid stuff. Einstein was correct when he said that “only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former”. On a side note, the thing that I noticed in USA is that when someone doesn’t know something, the first thing to do is to “google it”, but in Serbia they don’t do it, but rather continue to believe in bro stories. You want a muscle mass program? Are you going to ask a bro in the gym or google it? Yes, there are some misinformation online, but the good chance is that you are going to bump into a decent one. The question remains why aren’t people searching for info? Laziness?

Back to the website. There are also two forums available on BodyRecomposition: The Good Forum (there is no bitching on this one and it is used as a support for Lyle’s products) and The Evil Forum (MonkeyIsland – a lot of hate over this one along with sound training/nutrition info, irony, crazy members and a lot of activity including various topics from politics to paper requests).

If you printout the articles from BodyRecomposition you will get huge textbook worth reading couple of times. The organization of the articles could be a little better including chronological organization. I even suggested to Lyle to organize them into an ebook or paperback and make some money. Having indexed and printed out archive of the site would be awesome. I know that Lyle is not going to do this because he is a little bitch who is really against all that internet marketing and shit, but still it would be decent product worth the money spent (even if everything is already available online… remember the laziness mentioned? You can make money from people’s laziness). NOTE to Lyle: Even if you don’t do this, provide the damn date on the article header and organize them chronologically at one page/sheet so we can track you psychosis.

Second place: LeanGains by Martin Berkhan. I can’t wait for him to finish the intermittent fasting book.
Third place: AmpedTraining by Matt Perryman. There is awesome FREE book by Matt available on his site.

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This is awesome blog by Steve Magness. I was really enjoying reading some entries (see below). It is really refreshing to read about some real life training and coaching instead of listening to HIIT oriented research and coaches (yes, CrossFit-ers) about the importance VO2max and VO2max intervals all the freakin’ time.


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