Active Members are Getting More Visibility and Passive Income! Are You Ready to Contribute? – So are We!

We’re more than happy to announce that we are encouraging all our members to take the initiative and become authors within our community!

Over the years, we’ve received many letters of gratification from our members, people like you – that are striving to be the best versions of their professional selves. They often asked us if they could share their ideas and projects, which brought us where we are today.

That led us to the idea to offer the same possibility to everyone, as a gesture of gratitude to all of you who are giving something to the world of sports, and not just tagging along!

Now is the right time to actively contribute to the Complementary Training Community and get long-overdue recognition (among other benefits) with a reach that is sky-rocketing every month!

As you already know, many of our members are publishing their work, research, courses, and other tools within our community, and it benefits everyone. The content is more diversified for all our members, they are getting more visibility, as well as $$$.

If you think that you’ve got something worth sharing with the world of sports, we’ll be thrilled to provide guidance and assist you in every way possible!

Why would you publish your work within the Complementary Training community?

Here are some of the reasons:

  • Get visibility of over 150k+ of our website visitors
  • Promote your best and still unrecognized ideas
  • Get feedback for further professional development
  • Reach a broader audience, not just people you meet regularly
  • Contribute significantly to your specific field
  • Get compensated for your work

We are eager to hear from you, discuss your plans and ideas, assist you with them, and ultimately, proudly publish some of your work in our blog or other section of our website. That can lead to your personal followers, and hopefully – a steady income.

Are you up for it? Get back to us and we’ll look into it immediately.

Send us an email with your article, paper, research, or an idea for something you would like to publish to, and shortly after that, we’ll get back to you!

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