Battle Rope Drills & Progressions

When I was with Hammarby we decided to purchase battle ropes to workout the injured guys, or for some extra cross-training for reserves. Not sport-specific?
Agree, but sometimes you need to perform non-specific activities (e.g. with lower-body injury) and plug them in a specific circuit, etc. Anyway, not a topic of today’s discussion.

Unfortunately, the battle ropes I bought were heavy as hell, and anything longer than 15′ work would burn the crap out of the average soccer guy (including me). So I have presented a simple progression we utilized and some drills for easy pick-up.

I found battle ropes to be a pretty good tool for upper body conditioning (and core works as hell) that could be used with combat athletes and also represent a good cross-training tool in your toolbox.

Members can click below to download the PDF document.

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