Shuttle Run Beep Test Improvement & New Test

Few days ago, I spoke with Cameron Josse, who is Director of Sports Performance at DeFranco’s Gym, regarding simple (or should I say, Minimum Viable Program – MVPr) endurance test for football athletes. I have directed Cameron to the article Testing Endurance for Team Sport Athletes and my Shuttle Run Beep Test. Since we are on the same page in terms of simple test that is specific enough to give applicable (prescriptive) results, Cameron decided to give it a shot.

Luckily, I have checked the 16m version that Cameron beta-tested and I noticed small error in the file. Due to the bad calculation in R code, the second beep was delayed, and the third beep was too quick. This happened only on the 10km/h stage (initial stage) and it doesn’t represent a huge bug. Anyway, I have decided to recompile all tests in order to remove this glitch.


After exchanging few ideas with Cameron, I have decided to compile one more beep test. Since he is dealing with heavy lads, the 0.7s correction per change of direction might be too short. Please bear in mind that 0.7s per turn is a rule of thumb for smaller soccer guys running on turf. If you are working with bigger blokes, you can use longer correction and recompile the test yourself, or contact me and I will do it for you.

Anyway, I decided to compile 20m shuttle run test with 1.2s correction per turn. This is great for testing bigger athletes, like NFL or Rugby players. I asked Cameron to provide a video and a feedback on the test, and hopefully he will write something soon. Just keep in mind that if you have used 1.2s correction, then you should also use 1.2s correction for HIT conditioning drills. Luckily, that is quite easy to do in our HIT Guide (which is included in the product).

I apologize for any inconveniences this small glitch might have caused to you. The audio files (and R code) are now updated and you can proceed to download them on the products page.

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