To Sprint or Not to Sprint in Soccer: That’s the Question!

Sprinting in soccer has always been a topic of considerable debate between practitioners working in soccer. Exposing players to high velocities is an issue that many coaches seem to be avoiding in their training sessions. Can sprint training potentially improve performance, or does it cast too big of a significant risk for players and should be avoided? Taking everything from the beginning, analyzing the physical demands of a 90min soccer game, Efthymios tried to demonstrate the importance of Max Sprinting Speed (MSS) in soccer; how to measure it, how to periodize it, and how we can train it.

The presentation was part of the Soccer Performance Conference hosted by PIS Fitness on November 14th, 2021, a 1 Day specialized webinar, designed to provide trainers, coaches and team managers with advanced knowledge as for soccer-specific training and performance optimization.

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