The Juggernaut Method

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s Good Reads one really good read: The Juggernaut Method by Chad Wesley Smith. It is a strength training system aimed at (advanced) intermediate level lifters that is basically ‘improved’ (if I dare to say it ) Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 system, that also utilize some elements of Block Periodization (only when it comes to third level of planning – loading: accumulation, intensification, realization) and most importantly AMRAP (As Much Reps As Possible) tests (in Realization week) to gauge new working max (that all percentages are based upon) compared to Wendlers +5kg for lower body and +2,5kg for upper body lifts. Something like APRE, but way better. The Juggernaut routine gave me couple of neat tricks regarding programming of the strength training and I suggest to check this book ASAP. Here, you can download this amazing e-book: The Juggernaut Method 2.0 pdf.

juggernaut training program pdf

I have been on the simple 3×5 for beginners (and broken) for about two months with erratic training frequency (sometimes 2, sometimes 3 full body sessions a week) and now I plan switching to Upper-Lower 3x/week since I plan doing more conditioning and maybe joining MMA classes at Kaizen MMA club. Thus, I designed the following routine utilizing ideas from The Juggernaut Training Method.

juggernaut workout

The lifts in yellow are main lifts that are programmed utilizing Juggernaut workout. The lifts in Blue are power/explosive lifts. Everything else is assistance done for 2-3 sets of 5-10 reps.

I am going to try this to see how it goes. I will probably tweak something as I go, so don’t take this as written in stone. Anyway, is my bench press calculated utilizing Juggernaut training method. Please note that I choose 5s Wave for Upper Body and 3s Wave for lower body (when you get the book it is going to be clear what the hell am I talking about). Don’t make fun of my lifts, even if they are in kg 🙂

juggernaut workout

Till next time… read the The Juggernaut Method.

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