The Olympian Manual for Strength and Size: Blue Print from the World’s Greatest Coach [Book Review]

Before I go into, sort of, review I must thank Yosef Johnson and Martin Binggiser for sending me a free copy of the book.

Yosef is running an excellent publishing company – Ultimate Athlete Concepts – from which I have ordered a bunch of books, including Transfer of Training I and II and Block Periodization books by Issurin (which are HIGHLY recommended).

Martin is a Swiss hammer thrower champion and one of Bondarchuk’s ‘pupils’. Martin also runs great blog.

You are probably familiar with him through the 8WeeksOut website where he explained some of Bondarhuk’s training principles/theory (HERE is the link to part 4 of 4).

It is very hard to give a bad review of the book you’ve got for free. I’ve spoken with Martin about it and he said that I should post the review regardless and not being biased/influenced since I didn’t pay for it.

I am pretty much on the same page with Lyle McDonald review/opinion, so I won’t repeat what he already said. All books by Bondarchuk are hard to read and comprehend (Transfer of Training II is by far the most readable) and I am happy that people like Martin exist that can get the message across, which is especially important since he had the experience working with the Grand Master himself. So in short, I recommend following Martin’s work if you are interested in understanding and simplifying Bondarchuk.

Not to leave you empty-handed with this sort-of-review, I will repost one discussion from my Facebook wall and direct you to a recent free lecture video by Prue Cormie, which is great if you want to understand the transfer of strength to power and vice versa. Prue Cormie > Bondarchuk (when it comes to explaining training transfer)

Also, the good news is that from now on Complementary Training members can order any of UAC books with a considerable discount. The discount for our monthly members is 20%, and the discount for the Premium or annual members is 40%.

The Olympian Manual for Strength & Size

Author: Anatoliy Bondarchuk

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