High Performance Training for Sports [Book Review]

I wholeheartedly hope that you are not reading this sort-of-review to decide to get this awesome book. I hope that you already own this book and reading this blog post on your toilet time, just to confirm your opinion with mine – that this books is a must own (not read, own). If not, I urge you to get it on Amazon as soon as possible.

I haven’t read such a great book in a while (besides Steve Magness’ book The Science of Running which is also highly recommended, but not much aimed to team sports, although you can find certain great ideas that will influence your approach in that case as well; and Fitness in Soccer, which is well, aimed at team sports).

The book is basically collection of chapters (well, duh) written by some of greatest experts in the field (e.g. Dan Baker, Stuart Yule, David Martin, Darcy Norman, and so forth). Some are excellent, some are less excellent, but overall provides current review of best practices in the field, from monitoring to HIT conditioning and strength and power training.

So, instead of reading my rant here, do yourself a favor and order the book. Period.


Here is the interview with one of the editors/authors, and a great guy and coach David Joyce with Ron McKeefery. Enjoy while you wait for the book to arrive.

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Good Reads

This is awesome blog by Steve Magness. I was really enjoying reading some entries (see below). It is really refreshing to read about some real life training and coaching instead of listening to HIIT oriented research and coaches (yes, CrossFit-ers) about the importance VO2max and VO2max intervals all the freakin’ time.

Back to business…

I was quite busy lately and actually on training camp on Cyprus with FC RAD (you can check some of the pics here), thus I was not able to post much (or at all). I have actually met great Roberto Sassi in Larnaca when we played against FC Dynamo from Moscow. He was tracking his players HRs using Polar system. Unfortunately,…


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