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HIT Builder comes with a unified system of HIT drills and with a few clicks, it organizes athletes in the conditioning groups and precisely defines running velocities and distances. No more manual work! The prescription is very flexible and allows the utilization of different systems of prescription, as well as very simple progression and regression of HIT conditioning drills.

Current version: 2.0 (December, 2019)

HIT builder:

  1. Allows you to use MAS (Maximum Aerobic Speed), ASR (Anaerobic Speed Reserve) of IFT (Intermittent Field Test) to prescribe drills
  2. Comes with a unified system of HIT drills: 8 major groups and 74 variations
  3. Allows you to easily select the HIT variation, automatically calculates the velocities and distance, and distributes athletes into the most similar groups
  4. It is very easy to change the prescription method, as well as to adjust work intensity and duration
  5. Tempo Builder is included, which helps in prescribing extensive tempo work (usually performed at 70% intensity)
  6. Distance Table is included, which allows easier pace finding
  7. Using Bundle & Weyand model, MAS and MSS (Maximum Speed Metrics) can be estimated by using three practical approaches
  8. Sensitivity analysis helps you figure out which parameters improvement brings you most improvement in performance over the specific distance
  9. Works on both Mac and Windows Excel 2010 +

Don’t waste your time anymore – take your HIT planning to the whole new level!

With this product, you can truly focus on what really matters – coaching, and let the HIT Builder do the math!

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