Power BI Course for Sport Scientists – Video 2

In the previous video I have shown you how to sync/link Google Sheets document, in which we have entered testing data, to the PowerBI.

In this video I will show you the following:

  • What is Query Editor and how powerful it is
  • The difference between Long and Wide data formats and pro’s and con’s of each
  • How to transform data from Long to Wide in Query Editor
  • How to access script editor and M-Language
  • What are Calculated Columns
  • The basics of Measures in PowerBI (and DAX language)
  • How to create simple dashboard to show testing results

Getting your head wrapped around DAX and Measures is a bit hard in the beginning, but what you need to remember is “what goes in that cell and how it is aggregated”. More on this in the video of course.

Learning PowerBI, besides producing great dashboards is a great introduction to data analysis overall and data wrangling (cleaning and reshaping data).

In the next videos I will dig deeper into DAX and Measures and continue to analyze common data sets that you will stumble upon as sport scientist.


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