sRPE and Wellness Dashboard

With the sRPE and Wellness Dashboard you can now utilize the simplicity and power of the built-in surveys of the AthleteSR. This allows you to start collecting and analyzing athlete monitoring data IMMEDIATELY.

As a Complementary Training member, you have FREE access to both AthleteSR athlete management platform and to sRPE and Wellness Dashboard that allows you to analyze and visualize built-in survey monitoring data.

The video below provides an overview of this very powerful athlete monitoring setup.

To gain more information about the underlying analysis, I urge you to check the Athlete Monitoring Course, as well as the in-depth video below that are available to Complementary Training members. In the below video, I go a bit deeper into the dashboard functioning and features.

Members Only! To Get FREE Access to Both AthleteSR and sRPE and Wellness Dashboard, Join Us Today »

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