How to Analyze Movement Screen Tests? [Addendum]

Continuing on the previous post I had an idea to make further analysis. Please note that this is only a playbook.

The idea is to transpose the data, and instead of clustering the athletes, we cluster the metrics or tests. What we are looking for is to find tests/metrics that are similar (within our group of athletes) or that might  assess the same factor/quality. Not sure how much is this similar to PCA/EFA, so someone please correct me if I am being stupid here.

By the way, all tests used in movement screen are available here »

We need to load and munge the data

# Load the Movement Screen Data
movementScreenData <- read.table("", 
    header = TRUE, sep = ",")

# Remove first 8 columns
movementScreenData <- movementScreenData[, -1:-8]

# Scale the data
movementScreenData <- scale(movementScreenData)
movementScreenData <-

# transpose the data
movementScreenData.matrix <- as.matrix(movementScreenData)
movementScreenData.matrix <- t(movementScreenData.matrix)

We are going do Hierachical Clustering and mark 10 clusters (No clue why I used this number) using both ward and complete method

HCWard <- hclust(d = dist(movementScreenData.matrix), method = "ward")

plot(HCWard, xlab = "", ylab = "", yaxt = "n", main = "Ward Method")
rect.hclust(HCWard, k = 10)

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-2

HCComplete <- hclust(d = dist(movementScreenData.matrix), method = "complete")

plot(HCComplete, xlab = "", ylab = "", yaxt = "n", main = "Complete Method")
rect.hclust(HCComplete, k = 10)

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-3

What I miss now is how to combine Testing clusters with Athlete clusters? Anyone having a clude let me know.

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