Workbook: Change Point Analysis of HRV Data

I have already wrote about time-series analysis in EXCEL (HERE and HERE ) using Andrew Flatt HRV data. What I will try to do in this post is to use something that is called Change Point Analysis or CPA. This could be used with any type of time-series data, like training load, wellness and readiness monitoring and so forth.

I haven’t found much instructions online nor in books on CPA, but I have used this article to play with Andrew Flatt data. When it comes to time-series analysis there is great chapter in Data Smart book by John Foreman, which is a must read book for anyone willing to explore data analysis. There are also a free booklet (which I haven’t read yet) on time-series analysis in R here and Introductory Time Series with R book that could be worth checking.

Anyway, without going into intricate and unnecessary details of CPA, the simple goal for sport scientist using CPA is to detect changes in time-series data.

Let’s get rolling. First I will load HRV data from CSV file and load neccessary packages:

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