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I decided to give my blog a new look, since the old one looked like a ‘spiritual’ site rather than sport (science) blog. You may notice that I change the templates over time until I find one that fits in terms of colors and readability. If you have any input on this please let me know.

Besides this I received a copy of Cal Dietz and Ben Peterson’s Triphasic Training e-book and a new book by Kelly Baggett – Vertical Jump Bible 2.0 Deluxe. Kelly’s book is not yet available, thus I consider myself lucky. Since the weather here in Stockholm is really bad (especially for someone who grow up on Mediterranean) at least I will have a lot to read besides watching Olympic Games.

I am also working on one planning/programming template for one Serbian MMA fighter.It is going to be a distant consultations, not perfect I know, but it is a learning opportunity for both of us. And I get the chance to systematize and organize the physical preparation knowledge for fighting sports.When it comes to this I try to ‘combine’ scientific approach of Joel Jamieson and practical solutions of Ross Enamait using the system I outlined in Periodization Confusion by utilizing Bondarchuk exercise classification. This also might result in one article, but I won’t promise anything.

When it comes to soccer, I am reviewing different periodization schemes, their pro’s and con’s and I am trying to build a potential solution. For now I know the problems. The recent book by Joel Jamieson along with the presentation by Dan Pfaff got me thinking on some of the issues. Hell, I may actually write about these problems like I did in Problems of Periodization in Mixed Sports a year or so ago.


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