Working on a Book

In 2007, after my first professional gig with FK RAD, I wrote a summary of my thoughts regarding physical preparation in soccer in one PDF created in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Physical Prep 2007
Physical Preparation for Soccer, 2007.

In 2010/2011, after returning from Boston, and after starting the Complementary Training blog, I wrote the updated version on this manual. It started as a series of blog posts on pre-season planning, but I eventually compiled it into a PDF for Joel Jamieson’s 8WeeksOut website.

Physical Prep 2011
Physical Preparation for Soccer, 2011

After this manual, numerous blog posts were written (they can be found by clicking on Team Sports Tag) and just recently I started thinking on updating this manual to be more aligned with my current thinking. And I changed my thinking a lot recently.

But then, instead of writing a manual, I decided to write a proper book – so during my most recent training camp in Cyprus, I actually started writing it (BTW, I use Ulysses to write, which I find great). I have a basic outline laid out, as well as couple of chapters finished.

Also, I have decided to make this writing more “open” and I will publish all chapters here on the blog (only for members though) as soon as I write them. Hopefully this will create some discussion and review, which will allow me to correct, expand and modify things on the go. As always I will be open for any type of feedback. Hopefully this process will result in a properly edited paperback book.

I will soon publish the first chapter I wrote on microcycle planning. You can follow the chapters by following My Book Tag.

I have additional great news – I will have Raymond Verheijen on the podcast at the beginning of April if everything goes as planned. His book motivated me to start writing and I am more than happy that he agreed to answer some of my questions.

Watch this space….


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