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In Load-Exertion Tables And Their Use For Planning article series, I have extensively discussed the percent-based approach to strength training prescription. Also, I have explained that the reps-max profile can be mapped out as well as estimated using different models (i.e., Epley’s, Modified Epley’s, Brzycki/Linear, polynomial, etc.). This “map” can then be used for strength training prescription, but we need to apply some adjustment methods before that.

In the mentioned article series, I have covered four different adjustment methods: (1) deducted intensity, (2) relative intensity, (3) reps in reserve, and (4) percent of maximum reps. Selected or estimated reps-max map and preferred adjustment method are further utilized in the progression table to create strength training progressions (i.e., vertical planning).

In the sixth part of the Load-Exertion Tables And Their Use For Planning article series, I have introduced a free, open-source R package: {STMr}. Although the powerful and free open-source language, I am well aware that some of you are still afraid of R. For this reason, I have created Set and Rep Scheme Builder that implements most features of the {STMr} package in Microsoft Excel.

This tool allows you to play with various models and adjustments to create your own set and rep schemes. For example, my latest “The Perfect Wave” set and rep scheme was built in the Set and Rep Scheme Builder (see figure below).


Figure 1: The Perfect Wave

In addition, to set and rep scheme creation, Set and Rep Scheme Builder allows you to estimate individual profiles using relative loads (i.e., %1RM) and use novel models to estimate both 1RM reps-max profiles using absolute weights. There is no other tool currently in the industry that allows you to estimate 1RMs from training log data, which you can do with {STMr} package and Set and Rep Scheme Builder.

There is no other systematic way to develop your percent-based prescriptions. Even if you use velocity-based training (VBT) or auto-regulation using the subjective rating of exertion (i.e., reps-in-reserve or RPE), you still need a sound percent-based map to help you orient and find loads faster, as well as have some planner or expected progression in mind. Set and Rep Scheme Builder allows you to do exactly that!

The video below will show you the Set and Rep Scheme Builder functionalities. For more thorough information about its logic, please refer to Load-Exertion Tables And Their Use For Planning article series.

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We are happy to announce that the StrengthPRO app is finally available for our members. StrengthPRO is built using the R Shiny and the {STMr} package. It is a simple yet powerful tool to create a custom set and rep schemes.


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