Periodization confusion – Slides from WindSprint 2013

Wind Sprint

I had a pleasure to be one of the lectures at WindSprint 2013 held in Sundsvall, Sweden. I have finally met French sprint coach Pierre Jean Vazel who I know for years from Charlie Francis forum.

Among other presenters were Aki Salo (great presentation on relays), Takanori Suyibiashi (Japanese sprint methods), Roland Lööv (his presentation was on Swedish, so I didn’t understand much).

My presentation was probably too meta-physical, but I have tried to cover some theoretical/philosophical aspects of periodization. This was the first time I was presenting, and I did it on English language, so I was a bit nervous (plus being on stage form me is everything but walk in the park). Anyway, I was pleased by the reception even if could definitely done it better. Maybe next time 🙂

I have covered a lot of topics/concepts and it was hard to go into details on each. The goal was to present the bigger picture and to provide different framework to think about things.

Here are the slides



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