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Efthymios Kyprianou and Francesco Farioli have compiled and updated Balancing Physical & Tactical Load in Soccer: A Holistic Approach series of articles and made an eBook that you as a member of the Complementary Training can download for free.

This eBook is an outstanding guide for coaches working in football and other team sports and it will give you a glimpse of the “big picture” where everything fits in perfectly: game system, tactics, workout training, physical preparation and much more.

Balancing Physical & Tactical Load in Soccer: A Holistic Approach is an excellent resource for any coach who is willing to understand the working and planning in team sports, from a holistic (systemic) point of view.

Our Premium members can instantly download Super Total program for FREE, as well as Standard members who are part of our community for at least 9 months.
All Standard members who are with us for less than that period hang on tight and download the Movement Prep tool free of charge as soon as you reach the 9th-month milestone.

In order to download your copy, please login to your account as a member and select the “Store” item from the top menu. When the page is loaded under the book, a Download button will be displayed. Click on it to download the eBook for free.

Stay tuned for more interesting content and surprises from your Complementary Training community.

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