Membership Prices are Going Up, But No Worries, This Only Applies to New Members – You’re Safe!

Only in the past few months, we’ve added so many coolnew features and bonuses. While being busy bringing you thebest content for sports professionals out there, we forgot to change our membership prices. Oops!

Now, Complementary Training is really offering more than ever, and we’ll continue to do so in the future, like never before. Our bonuses and features already exceed membership pricesmultiple times, as you know, andwe plan to keep it that way!

At your request, we are eager to keep upgrading our offer (both in quality and quantity), and because of that, our prices will go slightly up.

Here comes the best part – IT DOESN’T AFFECT OUR CURRENT MEMBERS!

We really appreciate all your support over time. To acknowledge that, you’ll keep getting new bonuses at our same old prices. How cool is that?

Just a quick recap, in the last few months, we’ve added:

alongside previously available content. See all membership benefits on the following page.

Once again, Complementary Training Team wants to thank all our existing members for your support so far!We wouldn’t make it here without you!

We hope to expand our community further, to become better, stronger, and most importantly – excel together!

If you’re still not a member, we want to invite you to join us before the end of the month and before the membership prices go up.

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We hope to see you soon!

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