How to Warm Up for Olympic Weightlifting with Greg Everett

Here is the warm-up for Olympic weightlifting recommended by Greg Everett. Before starting the specific warming up with the barbell, you can use the “general” warm-ups to address mobility issues and loosen up the joints, as well to increase the temperature. Perform each drill for 10-15 reps.

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Few Thoughts on the Warm-up

Over the years, I’ve changed my point of view regarding the warm-up, from the idea that it represents a component with a distinctive objectives separated from the main part, towards the idea that it represents potent time to address individual needs while setting the stage for the themes of the main part.

Stability~Variability in Warm-up

In short, the main purpose of the warm-up is to prepare the athletes for the main part of the workout. As late Charlie Francis used to say „Do whatever you need to warm-up“, which basically means don’t follow the dogmatic hypes and limit your options by saying negative or absolute claims, like „No to static stretching“.


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