Collaboration with Kinetic Performance

We are more than happy to announce the collaboration with the Kinetic Performance. As you may already know, Kinetic Performance has been delivering world-leading sports technology solutions and knowledge for over 15 years. They are most famous for their Gymaware and FLEX products.

The good news is that from now on all Complementary Training members can order these products with a special discount. If you are currently not a member, you can subscribe to our newsletter and receive 5% discount code for Gymaware and FLEX.


GymAware is the gold standard technology for monitoring barbell kinetics and implementing Velocity Based Training in the weights room.
Designed for elite teams, GymAware’s engaging iOS interface, multiple real-time leaderboards, 1RM reports and video analysis make it the only validated system which delivers the accuracy and features desired by coaches.



FLEX, the future of weight training. It is the technology to engage. FLEX is a world first. Utilizing laser optic technology, the system provides real-time feedback on every barbell lift performed. Bar path, velocity, and power in real-time. FLEX is designed for Android and iOS so now anyone can take control of the weights room.


We think this is an amazing benefit and a great way to enhance yourself in the weights room.


At the bottom of this page members can find the appropriate coupon code and also instructions on how to use it. Please login to your account to see the coupon code.

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