Video Interview by Mark Lajhner on Combat Sports

I had been recently interviewed by my friend and coach Mark Lajhner for his website. After the practice we have sat and video recorded my answers to a few questions Mark prepared. I am reposting the videos here, but you can find the original post at as well as on BJJEE (BJJ Eastern Europe).

Part 1 – About, Strength & Conditioning Software And His Martial Arts Experience.

Part 2 – Can Data Analysis And FMS Test Predict Injuries And Improve Training?

Part 3 – On The Differences Between Team Sports And MMA Physical Preparation + “Skin In The Game” Concept.

Part 4 – Strength & Conditioning Plan For An MMA Fighter + “Via Negativa”

Part 5 – Who Should Be In Charge – The Main MMA Coach Or The Conditioning Coach?

Part 6 – When Should Young Fighters Start With Strength & Conditioning?

Part 7 – Short Notice Fights And Conditioning + Agile Periodization & MVP

Part 8 – On Crossfit For MMA Fighters, As A Recreation And As A Sport + Plans For

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