VBT, Heuristics and Prilepin

In the video below I am discussing few ideas regarding velocity based training (VBT):

  1. potential research in velocity based training (VBT) domain (which will most likely become my PhD thesis) regarding the exhaustion-velocity relationship
  2. the flaws of using % Drop in velocity when stopping a given set, as a way (or metric) that ensures the quality of the set (or level of exhaustion reached)
  3. the idea that simple rules (or heuristics) can beat complex analytics using LPT (linear position transducers) devices, and that you should not be sad because you don’t own one (at least when it comes to ensuring quality reps)

If you are interested in VBT topics, as well as the connection to Prilepin table, this is a must watch video!

For those interested in more information, please check all VBT related content at Complementary Training.


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