Training Chats with Israel and Mladen – Episode 6: Chat with Mike Tuchscherer

In this episode Israel and myself had a pleasure to host a guest speaker – Mike Tuchscherer. I know Mike since around 2007. when he published his (still) outstanding book “Reactive Strength Training”, a book that was the first book to outline usable and concrete strategies of autoregulated training using RPE set ratings. Years passed by and Mike grew up to become one of the most knowledgeable powerlifting coaches in the world.

We decided to have a Mike on the show due his recent articles on emerging strategies in planning and how personalities affect training programming (e.g. “The Big Five”). Besides that, we discussed numerous other topics, so if you are interested in strength training and training in general give this episode a listen.

You can find more about Mike Tuchscherer on his website: Reactive Training Systems and Twitter: @MikeTuchscherer

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