Training Chats with Israel and Mladen – Episode 4: Transfer of Training

In Episode #4 of Training Chats with Israel and Mladen, we discussed the concept of training transfer. That is, does practicing task 1 transfer to and improve (or hinder) task 2? For example, will squatting transfer to and improve sprinting performance?

We identified two “camps” of this approach: the first believes that strength training should be non-specific with the goal of improving underlining qualities, such as strength, which will then carry over to the task it is expected to improve (e.g. sprinting).

The second approach believes strength training should should mimic the metabolic and mechanical features of the task which it is expected to improve. We agreed that it is safe to be somewhere in the middle and utilize both approaches.

We also briefly touched the concept of transfer in combat sports (e.g. punching with dumbbells, steady state running, met-cons, and more)

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