The single most important thing to improve your “gainz” in the gym

Apparently people love clicking on posts entitled like this one: “The best exercises you are not doing”, “Five ways to beach body”, “Six new diets to make you lean” and so forth. I just hate those dumb articles – but let’s be honest here, I tend to open/click them anyway. These marketing strategies (teasing) seems to work, even if the articles are utter crap (btw, some minority of them are actually decent).

Anyway, I wanted to share one simple strategy to make your team effort in the gym better. This relates only to males and hence those working with males. And yes, this is a funny post – so don’t take it too seriously.

One day I was with soccer players in the gym and they were, as usual, dragging, whining and other things that soccer players do when they need to squat. Accidentally, there was one fine looking lady visiting the gym, or better yet our PT. IMMEDIATELY, our boys started behaving like a bunch of monkeys, getting motivated to to train and lift heavy. Boys will be boys. But they did lift heavier, with more energy.

This reminds me of the South Park episode Bebe Boobs Destroy Society.
Bebe Boobs

So what is the strategy here? Special Russian Secrets? Nope – just “hire” some good looking lady to come visit the gym and voila there comes the intensity through the roof. Make sure you do this on hard days though. Save this strategy for special needs. Or better yet, make a PhD out of it 🙂

Make sure to watch the South Park episode above!

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