The Simplest Way To Monitoring Your Training

We are witnessing tremendous increase in measuring technologies, and it seems that if you are not measuring and monitoring you are not training. Unfortunately (or luckily) a lot of clubs (especially in my homeland Serbia) cannot afford 30 units GPS systems, OmegaWave, Dexa scan and you name it.  Being on the budget (or no budget), what can you do to be better than nothing?

In the same vein, I believe that going back to the basics (working without fancy equipment) now and then, is a great “stoic” practice for strength and conditioning coaches and sport scientists.We should never move away from ABCs.

Anyway, in the video below you can find the very simplistic monitoring system implemented in Lean Annual Planner. It is based on work of Javier Mallo and it involves two components:

  1. Training monitoring
  2. Athlete monitoring

Implementing this simple monitoring system and visualizing it in the annual plan is great strategy, even if you have access to all those fancy equipment.

Besides the talk regarding this simple monitoring system, in this video I talk about creating categories (that suit you and your constraints) rather than following a specified script by someone else, as well as the flaws of top-down planning and the belief that this is the only way to do a proper plan. This is all wrapped in the idea of Agile Periodization and Annual Planner represents very flexible tools to realize all of this.

Complementary Training members can access the planner through a link below.

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