The Name

Where did the name, Complementary Training came from? Well, it took me awhile to really ‘conceptualize’ what I truly believe into, and complementarity is one of the things. First time I came across this concept was while reading the Dynamics of Skill Acquisition: A Constraints-Led Approach by Keith Davids et al.


In this book there were references to papers and books by Scott Kelso, a neuroscientist, of whom I have already heard before, but never actually spent time to research. Some of his books include Dynamic Patterns : The Self-Organization of Brain and Behavior and The Complementary Nature.


Thus, the Complementary Training is taken from the title of latter book. For more info about complementary nature, squiggle sense, coordination dynamic and complex systems I highly suggest checking the The Complementary Nature website.

What all this have to do with training and nutrition you ask? Well, keep on reading the blog.

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Here is what I have on mind and I am looking for a feedback and opinions from the readers. Since starting Complementary Training blog in September 2010 it has slowly attracted not much traffic, but very high quality readership, from high level coaches, researchers to sport scientists. I am more than pleased with Complementary Training reception within the industry,…


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