The Best of Complementary Training in 2023

Reflecting on the year 2023, we’re excited to share the articles that resonated most with our community. These posts represent the best of sports science, technology, and practical insights from 2023. Dive in and discover why these made the top of the list!

Using the GPS System in Soccer: Planning, Periodization & Load Distribution:

Uncover the secrets of leveraging GPS technology in soccer training. This comprehensive guide provides a deep dive into planning, periodization, and optimizing load for peak player performance.
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Markerless Motion Capture and Its Application in a Sport-Specific Setting:

Explore the cutting-edge of markerless motion capture technology and its transformative impact on tailored, sport-specific training programs.
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Discover the power of Exlib, our revolutionary resource now available for free to our valued members. Learn how it can enhance your training and coaching toolkit. ➡️ Read More


Dive into our in-depth review of StrengthPro, the tool that’s changing the game in strength and conditioning. Understand its features, benefits, and how it can revolutionize your approach. ➡️ Read More

Managing Athletes Using Trello:

Get innovative with athlete management using Trello. This first part of our series introduces you to strategies and tips for organizing and enhancing athlete engagement and productivity. ➡️ Read More

Thank you for trusting us as your go-to sports science and training insights source. We can’t wait to bring you more groundbreaking content in the coming year.

Here’s to pushing boundaries and achieving new heights together in 2024!


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Markerless Motion Capture And Its Application In A Sport-Specific Setting

With exponential technological development over the last decade, markerless motion capture systems have gained a considerable amount of attention, especially within the sports community. Coaches, strength and conditioning practitioners, and sports scientists are constantly searching for testing modalities that can be used to non-invasively evaluate athletes’ performance capabilities in a time-efficient manner.

Managing Teams With Trello

I am pretty certain that the first one to suggest using Trello (somewhere in 2013) was Jose Fernandez from Houston Astros. Jose is pretty much technology clairvoyant. Another person that directed me to use Paul Dijkstra et al. five-color health and performance risk grading system 1 (see the below picture) was Brian Green from USA Rugby Sevens. We keep…

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Just a quick heads up and short review of the Strength in Motion seminar by Joel Jamieson, Patrick Ward and Charlie Weingroff. I guess the title is not adequate, since this seminar deals very little with strength or strength training, but rather it covers advanced concepts of training individualization, monitoring, rehab and prehab strategies, HRV, work capacity, etc. I…


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