The Best of Complementary Training in 2015

Here are the best and most visited articles in 2015:

Interview with Mike Zourdos

This is tremendous resources when it comes to strength training planning. It is more than 3hours long, but worth your time.
Maybe in the near future I might put it as a mini book.
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Velocity Based Strength Training Workshop

There is more and more increase in interest in VBT. This workshop I’ve made as a part of CPD Week at Aspire Academy in Doha Qatar organized by Alex Natera.
The sound is shitty, but hopefully you will get something out of it.
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Periodization Confusion – Full Video From Wind Sprint Conference

This is a video that follows my presentation on periodization, organized by Håkan Andersson in Sundsvall, Sweden. I am pretty sure
I could have done much better job presenting, since it was a bit an overkill to present on everything.
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“Novel” Metric to Compare Athletes Using Their Load-Velocity Curve

In this article I played with one idea for a metric that could be used when comparing individuals and changes in individual across time
utilizing the whole load/velocity continuum.
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Via Negativa

If you ask me, this might be the most important article I wrote in 2015. I was really influenced by reading Antifragile by Nassim Taleb, and this article represents some of my application of his concepts to sports.
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How to Easily Make Sense of Your Training Load Data Using TSB

Training Stress Balance is such an easy way to make more sense of your longitudinal training load tracking. Learn the basis behind it in this video.
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Guest Article – the Theory & the Reality of Using GPS in Sports

This no B.S. guest article by my friend Alex Oviawe resonated really well with the GPS experts in the trenches.
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TSB Workbook: Two Methods of Calculation and Assumptions

Continuing with the TSB theme, here I presented different ways of dealing with missing values and assumptions surrounding them. Really important problem that you will stumble upon as sport/data scientist.
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Predicting Injuries Using Banister Model

My Excel playbook in which I tried to predict injuries using Banister model applied to training load. Think that this approach could be really interesting in the near future.
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Agile Planning in Sports Training

Agile Planning or Agile Periodization represent my latest pet peeve and brain child highly influenced by Agile/Lean and Scrum approaches in software development.
I think Agile Periodization has much to offer in high performance sports especially when the whole team of experts is involved in improving the team performance.
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Related Articles

On Reading… and Fear

On Reading… and Fear Here is a thought to consider: we buy and read books not in a hope we will learn something new, but in fear we will not learn something new and useful otherwise. We check what others are reading, and we might buy and read in fear we will be missing something others won’t. Please note…

The Future of Velocity Based Training

The advancements in the (micro) technology and analytics achieved that their accessibility and affordability to the average gym goer increased tremendously in the last couple of years. Everything started with live HR measurements, and eventually resulted in the GPS watches and activity trackers, as well as barbell/body velocity trackers such as the PUSH device.


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