Strength Card Builder v5.1 is Here!

Over the years, improvements to the Strength Card Builder came about. The latest idea was born in 2016 when I was an assistant strength coach with Port Adelaide FC from Australia. This idea involved creating and saving program templates. This helped in having multiple programs inside the Strength Card Builder, that could be easily loaded, rather than saving different programs with different file names (after all, we are talking about Microsoft Excel).

Earlier this year, the visually improved version was launched and named version 5.0. Now, with this release, version 5.1, we are adding EXTENSION PACK to the mix.

Special thanks to a friend and colleague of mine, Aleksa Bošković, for creating this EXTENSION PACK of the Strength Card Builder that allows coaches to insert images and videos into the mix. Now, athletes can have a visual guide, rather than going after you asking “Hey coach, what’s this single leg ipsilateral kettlebell Romanian deadlift” exercise? They can now quickly see on the figure, and you can create a visual exercise library.

Here are the PDF previews of the Strength Card Builder outputs:

  1. Individual card
  2. Group card – portrait (12×8)
  3. Group card – landscape (6×10)
  4. Individual card with images
  5. Group card with images – portrait (12×8)
  6. Group card with images – landscape (5×10)

Also, I would like to thank our member Milovan Knežević, Čukarički FC, and all athletes from this great club who were included in this project.

The new version of Strength Card Builder can be downloaded for free by Premium members, as well as Standard members who have been in our community for over a year. All Standard members who are with us less than a year will also be able to download Strength Card Builder free of charge, as soon as they fulfill the condition above.

If you are currently not a member of the Complementary Training community, we would like to invite you to become one.

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