Shuttle Run Beep Test with COD Corrections

IT IS FINALLY HERE – The Shuttle Run Beep Test with COD (changes of direction) corrections!

What does this mean?

It means that the score (MAS, or maximum aerobic speed) reached in the COD corrected beep test can now be used in both long distance and shuttle based conditioning.

The shuttle run beep tests so far didn’t implement corrections for CODs, and have used exact beeps from straight line versions of the test (UMTT or VamEval), which resulted in lower MAS scores.

What am I getting here?

You are getting 6 compiled beep test versions, as well as the R source code, so you can compile your own version if needed.

Here are the beep test versions:

  1. Original 20m Beep Test
  2. Beep Test 20m with COD correction
  3. Beep Test 28m NBA with COD correction
  4. Beep Test 28m FIBA with COD correction
  5. Beep Test 16m with COD correction
  6. Beep Test 30m with COD correction
  7. NEW – Beep Test 20m with COD corrections (For Big Boys – 1.2sec per turn)

Here is the sample of the “Beep Test 20m with COD correction”:

You are also getting the collecting sheet, that you can print out and start using immediately.

Where can I find more about MAS and how to use it?

With this product you are also getting the HIT Guide webinar and Excel sheet. The article “Testing Endurance for Team Sport Athletes” in PDF version is included as well. In that article I have outlined my rationale why beep test with CODs corrections might be the very best solution for testing endurance in team sports.

To find out more about The Shuttle Run Beep Test, please take a look at the short video below.

You can also read more about CODs corrections in IE20-10, and how to use MAS scores in 6 Weeks Running Program for Soccer Players

How can I get this?

The Shuttle Run Beep Test with COD corrections is completely FREE for Complementary Training members. If you are already a member, please make sure to login and the download link will appear below. If you are still not a member, take this unique opportunity and sign up. You can download this product for FREE and enjoy the other informative, amusing and educative content on our site.

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