Short Interval Blocks for Endurance Athletes by Stephen Seiler

Stephen Seiler (one of my favourite endurance researchers) recently made three-part video series on the topic of short intervals (e.g. 30:30, 30:15, 15:30) for endurance athletes and I wanted to re-share them here. The video series provide great overview of the research done using these short intervals as well as Stephen’s own interpretations and suggestion. Enjoy the watch!

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

If you want to find out more about HIIT ideas, check out the HIIT Manual.

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Good Reads

This is awesome blog by Steve Magness. I was really enjoying reading some entries (see below). It is really refreshing to read about some real life training and coaching instead of listening to HIIT oriented research and coaches (yes, CrossFit-ers) about the importance VO2max and VO2max intervals all the freakin’ time.

Supplements for Athletes

In the video below, Lorena Torres, PhD does a wonderful job summing up the current evidence-based-practice, but also practice-based-evidence on supplements and provides simple actionable insights that can be applied right now with your athletes or club.

Interesting Video on Skill Acquisition

Interesting Video on Skill Acquisition Skill acquisition principles can help coaches develop their athletes to become skillful performers. Decision making and anticipation skills and implicit and explicit learning are important parts of skill acquisition covered in this video. This video explores the way that these principles can be incorporated into coaching. To find out more please watch the video…


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