Repeated Sprint Ability is Overrated? [Part 2]


Now when I cleared (or made you more confused about) some things regarding time-motion analysis and total/mean scores (without ranges, frequencies and zones), let’s deal with those most strenuous parts of the game.

Defining what is strenuous is also tricky. Sprints, 1500m run, marathon, long jump they are all different in duration but done at maximum ability. They are all strenuous, but differently. The point is that we cannot say what is strenuous based on speed/power alone. Worse yet, we cannot say what is strenuous based on HR or VO2. Think about this like doing bench press for 5reps with 10RM weight and doing bench press for 9 reps with 10RM weight. In both cases we are using same intensity (10RM), yet the strenuousness (exertion would be better word) is way different. Besides, you would be able to do more sets with former example.

My point, if you are still following, is that exertion need to be defined by relative combination of both intensity and volume/duration. Lately, I was reading some papers on the Critical Power concept and it’s calculus for both continuous and intermittent activities (click HERE and HERE and if you have time also click HERE). I really like the concept of it because using simple formula you can predict time trials and average power/speed for activities of certain duration by knowing two factors – Critical Power and Anaerobic Capacity. I highly recommend checking the linked papers.

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