Results of Athlete Management Software (AMS) Survey

Approximately a month ago I have emailed a lot of prominent coaches and sport scientists a survey form to rate their experience with AMS products and  also rate/describe their needs.

The goal of the survey was to improve the experience with AMS products by giving their manufactures some form of feedback, but also share common issues between the users. Anyway here is the original email I have sent

Good day,I created a simple and quick survey to pick your brain on Athlete Monitoring System product(s) in Google Docs (see the link below) and I would really appreciate if you could take 10 min tops of your time to fill it out. I know you are busy, but I hope that you might find some interest in helping me out because I plan sharing the results so everyone can prosper – from companies that makes software to other coaches and sport scientists.PLEASE note that the survey is anonymous, so your name nor email will be shared. The results will be public on my new website and the survey will be open to May 15th. After you complete the survey you will immediately get a link to see what other fellow coaches/scientists said/rated.Also, PLEASE be FREE to send the survey link to anyone you might think can contribute to the representativeness of the results and whose opinions you appreciate (and others).Again, it is completely anonymous and the results will be posted on my blog/website ( want to thank you in advance and I look up to your answers.Kind regards,Mladen JovanovicSurvey LINK:

I’ve got 20 responses. Not a great number, but it still represents decent sample.

The form is not accepting the answer anymore, but if there is interest I can make it available again. Please let me know. Here is the copy of survey form (PDF).

The survey results are HERE. If you want you can download the results in Excel format HERE.

The graphical summary can be downloaded HERE.
I want to thank everyone who participated and I hope AMS manufacturers will take this feedback into consideration.

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