Rehabilitation After ACL Injury: The Return to Sport Journey

In this video, I present an overview of examples of exercises during the rehab process, beginning from the ACL injury, until full return to sport in our rehab center Motion to Balance, Genk, Belgium. This patient (non-professional soccer player) ruptured his ACL after a contact trauma during soccer in October 2017. After pre-operative rehab, the patient got an ACL reconstruction in November 2017. The return to match play was in August 2018, 9 months after the ACL reconstruction. More than 10 months, presented in 7.5 minutes!

The step-by-step criteria-based progressions throughout the rehab process are considered within our recently proposed ACL rehab continuum (Dingenen & Gokeler 2017, Sports Medicine) and based on an integration of current scientific insights, combined with an extensive clinical experience in this patient population.

Often we see that patients an ACL injury do not get the most appropriate treatment, with very disappointing results on the short and on the long term. With this video, I hope to inspire others to achieve better results with patients after an ACL injury. We should do better, and we can do better. Go for it!

Please remember that each patient is different, and please don’t copy exercises without a sound clinical reasoning process.

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