Programming of Jumps, Plyometrics and Medicine Ball Throws With Keir Wenham-Flatt

The webinar this month will be presented by Keir Wenham-Flatt. Keir is a rugby strength and conditioning specialist who has worked with professional teams on 4 different continents. He decided to share his remarkable video presentation with us and I would like to thank him for that as well as for being a Complementary Training member.


The topic of the webinar is “Jumps, Plyometrics and Medicine Ball Throws and how I implement those in the training of my athletes.

The outline for today:

  • Make the case for high speed training means
  • Outline of 3 step progression
  • Sample progressions for jumps, plyometrics and medicine ball throws
  • Implementation in the training

I will try to make a case to you that we need to include all of this diffrent training tools within our program so I just kind put them in the umbrela of term high speed training means.

Once we make the case for that we are going to outline the 3 step progression that we put together and that we use with our athletes. This is based on the initial template developed by Yuri Verkhoshansky in the Soviet Union. Later on this template was improved by his daughter Natalia. I than learned that system from her and refind it for our process. Last couple of years we have been tweaking that to make it work better and better for us in Argentina.

Towards the end we just gonna go through sample progressions for jumps, plyometrics and medicine ball throws. For each of those three phases you will see the principles and how one phase flows into the other.

We are gonna finish up the webinar with some ideas on how to implement those phases in to your training program.


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