Prescribing Strength Training for Team Sports – Part 6

In this part, I will discuss microcycle and workout planning. Since it is a long discussion, I will break it into 3 videos covering the following topics:

  • Functional groups and Micro-Blocks
  • Robust planning, microdosing, and the barbell strategy
  • Modular approach

In this video, I will overview my approach to understanding microcycle planning for team sports by introducing the concept of functional groups and Micro-blocks, aiming to solve the team vs. individual conundrum.

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Microcycle Planning for Team Sports

In this video I am covering the following concepts: 1) Top-Down versus Bottom-Up planning; 2) Functional Groups within the team; 3) Mini-Block and their variations; 4) Planning for micro-cycles of different length; 5) Distribution of Strength versus Weaknesses work; 6) Distribution of Individual versus Collective work; 7) …


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