Predicting MSS From Single 10-40m Sprint

“Can I estimate maximum sprinting speed (MSS or VMAX) from 30m sprint?”

“What is VO2max if I know MAS? Our doctor/director wants to know.”

“Can I use YOYO IR1 distance to estimate MAS? Can I use YOYO IR1 velocity reached as MAS to prescribe HIIT conditioning?”

My willingness to help as many people as possible and answer these and many other questions are the main reasons why in 2018 I decided to write my first book – HIIT Manual.

The idea was to offer simple and practical solutions for HIIT conditioning, and therefore make the job easier for current, but also future colleagues.

Now, a year later, I implemented a few prediction equations that help in answering these questions. Please note that these are not perfect answers, but satisficing estimates that could be used with a grain of salt.

In the video below, I have explained the additional prediction modules and integrated them into a new version of HIT Builder, in order to automate and make the whole process easier.

If you have not encountered this tool before, HIT Builder makes prescription very flexible and allows utilization of different systems of prescription, as well as very simple progression and regression of HIT conditioning drills. In order to learn more about the HIT Builder, click HERE.

Complementary Training members can find and download an Excel template that I have used in the video, in order to estimate maximum sprinting speed (MSS) from 10-40m sprint.

Furthermore, all of our Premium members can download a new version of the HIT Builder for free. If you have just joined our community as a Standard Member, don’t worry, you will be able to download this product for free as well, in the 5th month of membership.

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